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Series Programs

Package Programs

Massage Package Program
Our massages are a full 60 minutes performed by experienced licensed massage therapists, dedicated to relieving your stress and working out those troubled areas.  If you know you’ll have a massage every month or two, this programs is for you.  You’ll receive your 7th massage for FREE.  Life is busy, we always recommend to book your next appt. before you leave..

Rainforest Peels and Microdermabrasion Packages
This is your first step to fast, dramatic results for your skin.  A Series Program will save you money and deliver better, faster results.  We suggest treatments about 2 weeks apart.  Here are  more tips to enhance your Series Program.

Use your Starter Skin Care Kit immediately. It usually takes about 2 weeks (the time in between each micro/peel) to use up your kit.  In addition to enhancing the results of your first micro/peel, using the kit plus your input on the products will help your esthetician to hand custom blend your full size products perfectly.

Proper home care will give you exceptional results: Below are skin care items we highly recommend if you are concerned with:

Sun Damaged Skin
*    One of our Vitamin C Serums (prevention)
*    Only Yourx Bleaching Lotion or Skin Ceuticals Pigment Regulator ( correction)
*    One of our Premier Sun Blocks (prevention)

Mild Acne Scarring
*    Only Yourx Bleaching Lotion or Skin Ceuticals Pigment Regulator (correction)
*    Only Yourx Exfo Gel 5, 7.5 or 10% (exfoliating and correction)
*    One of our Premier Sun Blocks

Active Acne ~ the following items all must be used to control acne:
*    Antibacterial topical (Acne Clearing Gel or Benzoyl Peroxide)
*     Strong Exfoliant (Only Yourx Scrub, or Exfo Gel)
*    A proper Cleanser and Toner to control oil and not dry you out.
*    Only Yourx Oil Free or Oil Controlling moisturizer custom blended.

The number one reason why most people with the acne gene don’t see good results is because they try a little of this and a little of that.  This will never work for you.  Plain and simple, acne skins require more products and a little more time.  If you cut corners your results will be less.  Don’t be fooled by others that promise fantastic results with just one product.

Maturing Skin
*    Ultimate Skin Firming Serum from Only Yourx (for firmness)
*    A proper Exfoliant (Your Esthetician will pick the right one for you) (correction)
*    Custom Blended Moisturizer and Sunblock
*    Vitamin C Serum (Your Esthetician will select one for you) (prevention)